Pre-School : Southwest Child Care : Albuquerque, NM



Our preschool program uses a developmentally-appropriate cirriculum that encourages children to explore and actively participate with the people and materials around them. Our classrooms include well-equipped, defined interest ares such as Block Play, Science and Math, Manipulatives, Art Center, and many more. We take great pride in our oversized playgrounds with plenty of shade. Our stimulating environments invite children to explore and learn ina direct and hands-on way.

Preschool-aged children are beginning to develop new cognitive skills and are more able to concentrate and remember. They can recognize objects by color, shape and/or size. They are developing basic math concepts and showing an interest in the written language. They are able to abstract and combine ideas in more complex relationships. Language has expanded and thoughts and emotions can be communicated. Our curriculum reflects these new developmental achievements without stifling the natural ability to create and investigate. Brain development researchers have confirmed what we have known all along: children learn when they feel safe, have positive relationships and are having fun. Children learn through play!

You can be confident that we will provide:

  • A nationally accredited, 5-star licensed program that is family owned and operated since 1985
  • Clean and organized learning centers in each classroom
  • A strict health/attendance policy
  • Well trained staff that complete 30+ hours of continuing education each year and are happy to see your child walk through our door
  • Home-cooked, nutritional meals served in a ‘family style’ setting
  • A curriculum focused on hands-on experiences including, but not limited to, cooking, reading, singing, fundamentals of language development, math and science
  • Parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s development
  • Monthly activities that welcome parent involvement and participation
  • Over-sized playgrounds with a physical fitness curriculum to encourage large muscle activity including water play
  • And much more…