Two-Year-Olds : Southwest Child Care : Albuquerque, NM



Southwest Child Care Early Learning Centers provide a nationally accredited program for two-year-olds. We take great care to offer a sensory-rich environment to enhance the two-year-old's need to explore. The classroom environment is structured with interest areas that are age-appropriate, organized and clean. Each area is supplied with ample materials and several of the same toys. The egocentric two-year-old is just beginning to understand the idea of sharing. The classroom environment is an essential tool to monitoring and guiding a two year old's behavior. Children at this age feel protective and uncertain about the behaviors of their peers and can act aggressively. We maintain low staff to child ratios, and we require more training hours than the state requires for all of our staff. Staff to child interaction is crucial to the success and quality of our program.

Language is developing quickly at this age and must be encouraged. Daily experiences are filled with language-rich curriculum that includes activities such as singing, reading, and hands-on activities. Physical development is also rapidly maturing as well as new feelings of independence. Two-year-olds are confident walkers, are potty training, are beginning to communicate their individual and unique developmental needs. They will always be encouraged to try new things in their path. Our goal is to allow our children to investigate and master every new concept and develop an attitude of “I can”. 

You can be confident that we will provide:

  • A nationally accredited, 5-star licensed program that is family owned and operated since 1985

  • Well-trained, nurturing and professional staff who smile when you bring your child to school each morning.

  • State-of-the-art front door security system

  • A strict health/attendance policy

  • A clean and well-organized environment with an adherence to strict hand-washing and hygiene practices

  • Home-cooked, nutritional meals served in a ‘family style’ setting

  • Support for the individual child’s efforts to potty train

  • An open door policy allowing you to visit your child at any time

  • A separate outside play area with developmentally-appropriate equipment and water play in the summer

  • Parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s development