Enrolling your child at Southwest Child Care

Simple steps to enrolling at any of our locations.

  1. Come in for a tour of our school! You will notice:

    • Low staff to child ratios

    • A clean welcoming environment

    • Friendly teachers and staff

    • Children's artwork decorating our halls and classrooms

    • Happy Children!

  2. To Start You will need the following:

    • Pick up an Enrollment Packet, complete and return

    • Pay a Non-Refundable registration fee

    • Pay for key FOB for entry into buildings (this is mandatory to maintain our security protocol)

    • Pay any other applicable fees

    • Purchase a sleeper-mat if your child is over 1 year old

  3. Your child will need the following items on their first day:

    • Current Immunization records

    • Sunscreen

    • Water Bottle

    • Extra Clothes

    • Diapers and Wipes for Infants/Toddlers

    • Formula or Breast Milk for Infants

    • Hand Lotion (because we wash hands often throughout the day)

Download our Family Handbook as a PDF.