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School Break Programs


Summer Break for Elementary-Aged Children 

Southwest Child Care Early Learning Centers provide full-time care for elementary-aged children during the summer break months — as well as Winter and Spring Breaks. We spend many months creating a developmentally appropriate and fun program that will keep children exploring, stimulated and busy. The schedule includes diverse and interesting field trips as well as a free swimming program. We have a thematic curriculum that incorporates history, language, science and literacy while keeping the summer active and fun. We understand that even elementary-aged children learn through play. You can rest assured that your child will not spend their summer sitting in front of a television or playing video games when they are in our program. Our summer themes have taken kids to foreign lands, on physical fitness adventures and through scientific explorations!

You can be confident that we will provide:

  • A Nationally Accredited program that is licensed as a 5 star program in the state of New Mexico

  • Staff that have full background checks, are over the age of 18, and receive 30+ hours of continuing education a year

  • A 1:12 staff to child ratio

  • State-of-the-art front door security system

  • Field trips every week on a 14 passenger school bus equipped for school-aged children

  • FREE weekly swimming at city pools

  • Home-cooked, nutritious meals served ‘family style,’ with seconds or thirds to fill up those active stomachs

  • A planned and organized calendar of events for parents

  • An age appropriate curriculum focused on ‘active learning’ that includes but is not limited to cooking, crafts, history, science, language, and much more

  • A philosophy that understands that ALL children learn through PLAY