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We enjoy sharing parent testimonials. If you are a parent of one of our fine children, please visit the Contact Us page to leave us a note and sing our praises.

I am a single father with a wonderful 5 year old daughter. Without the amazing staff at Southwest Child Care I would be so lost. Everyone there has been so amazing and caring. Every interaction is a pleasure to witness and be a part of when possible. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without all of you.
From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you!
— Joseph 2019
The teachers were amazing. If all teachers cared about the kids as much as the teachers here the world would be a much better place!
— PreK 2019
Very friendly staff! I always know my kids are being cared for like they are their own :)
— PreK 2019

“Communication has been executed to the highest degree. I really appreciate the way everything has been done throughout his Pre K experience. I thank you guys for everything, my son has learned so much!” -PreK 2019

My daughter started scared and a bit lost, but everyone in the center worked with my daughter and brought out the best in her. The staff was so wonderful and she loves all her teachers
— 2018
So far I am very happy with the care that my child receives at Southwest childcare. Her teachers are thoughtful, kind, and detailed. Their attention to detail is magnificent. They listen to my wants and needs for my child and feel comfortable offering suggestions in the best way that I can care for her at home as well. The office staff and director are lovely people. They treat our family with care and love always!
— Abigail- 2018
I’ve enjoyed watching the relationships my children have acquired since being enrolled and the above and beyond attention they provide for my children. I have and will continue to recommend to my family and friends.
— 2018
We love the qualified professional caring teachers at Southwest. They constantly go over and beyond for my child, of which I am so grateful for! I also love that anytime I bring an issue, question, concern to admin they address it with care and professionalism. Thank you.
— 2018
Very professional, love the attention the kids get, love the joyful atmosphere.
— Sylvia -2018
Just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing staff that cares for my daughter. We have been at this center for just over 2yrs now and couldn’t be happier. My daughter has learned so much from the school and continues to flourish. We can’t wait for her to begin the PreK program!
— Amy 2018
I am sending this email to once again praise your staff at the Lomas Location! I saw something a few weeks ago that completely touched my heart when picking up J and A.

Just like most working parents the hardest thing we do each day is dropping our children off at daycare no matter what their ages may be, wishing we could all hit the lottery and stay at home with them to soak up all of the special moments and milestones as they grow. As a member of the Southwest Child Care Family, I can say that your staff treats each child as if they were their own each and every day.

J and A both get hugs, kisses and friendly good mornings and hellos every single day that I drop them off and the same as we leave at the end of the day with goodbyes, hugs, and kisses! J asks that I leave him at daycare after pre-k so he can see the 4s teachers that he misses dearly and spend time with all of his little friends!

Now to talk about something I saw a few weeks ago that absolutely touched my heart! I honestly left the daycare in tears because I now know just how much every single child is loved day in and day out. I arrived at 230 to pick J up from pre-K and headed to his sister’s room to pick her up. The kids in the 4s classroom were napping but there was one child who was crying( maybe a bad dream, woke up scared) whatever the reason may be, the teacher was doing everything she could to stop the child from crying. She picked the child up and rocked the child like any mom would do, rubbing the child’s back and singing to the child to console the child. I went to get my daughter and came back and she was still holding onto the child but the child was finally calm, she just sang to the child and told them it was ok! This absolutely touched my heart!

We as parents do not witness this day in and day out and sometimes during all of the hustle and bustle we just put our blinders on when picking up or dropping off our children! I appreciate every teacher at the Lomas location, I appreciate the cooks and the office staff. They care for our children and feed them two nutritious meals as well as a nutritious snack each day. Taking care of children can be trying at times and absolutely exhausting but I NEVER EVER see it on one their faces. They are always playing with the kids, making them laugh and teaching them more than we as parents know! I am absolutely thrilled with the education my kids are receiving even at such a young age, their vocabulary is more then I can imagine at 2 and 4 and their social skills are off the chart.

I want to thank you for hiring some of the most professional and caring staff! My husband and I could not be happier with the care we receive for our children every single day!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
— Ian and Christina H. 2017
To All Those considering SWCC, I think you will be happy. I have no children of my own. However, a few years ago I decided to become licensed as a foster parent. In anticipation of the day I would receive the phone call that a child needed me and I would say “yes”, I toured SWCC (which I had driven by and which caught my eye). I was blown away by the “pre-k” room. (Originally, I had told CYFD the youngest aged child I would take was 4.) The morning after I said yes to a fifteen month old, I showed up at SWCC and they were immediately able to take him (on the promise that CYFD would come through with the contract - which, of course, they did, but it took awhile . . .) My darling little boy was immediately loved and taught by Miss Barbara and Miss Rosie. He later moved to the eighteen month old room with Miss [I am embarrassed not to remember her name!] and ultimately to the two year old room where he had three wonderful teachers until January, 2016, when he returned to his parents. What I can tell you about SWCC is that whether your child is a “charity” case or pays full tuition he/she will be treated with respect and dignity and no distinction. My foster son thrived at SWCC! He was loved and cherished and whatever little hiccough we had along the way was immediately and appropriately addressed. Thank you to everyone at SWCC. We love you
— Joan 2017
My child was always happy and has gained confidence through the year. Thank you for creating a safe environment where she felt supported and cared for. Also, thank you for always making my dad feel welcomed and part of her learning team.
— Kim 2017
The school overall is amazing. The teachers are very involved and make the pre-k experience great for the child as well as the parents. There is never a disconnect between parent and teacher.
— Former PreK Parent 2017
My kids love this daycare and so do I. The staff is always so friendly and the kids come home happy.
— Kristen 2016
Ethan and I toured Southwest Child Care twice before we decided to enroll Charlie, our only son, with you guys. The first time we came by he was 6 weeks old. We had toured a couple of other facilities before we toured Southwest Child Care and we weren’t very impressed. At both of the other facilities we herd kids crying in every room, some throwing all out fits. When we were introduced to the teachers, most of them looked at us like they were very stressed out and had an expression of “oh great, another nose to wipe,” when they saw us with Charlie. Not a single one came up to meet us or Charlie.

When we walked into Southwest Child Care it looked like an actual school. The kiddos in the hallways looked very happy, not a single one was crying or throwing fits. (To this day I don’t think I have ever seen or heard a kid throwing a fit at the school). The front desk person was very welcoming. When we went around to meet the teachers and see the rooms, the infant room teacher and the toddler room teachers, both greeted us with open arms and swooped Charlie out of our arms and absolutely showered him with love and attention. It was really heart warming to know that there was a facility out there where the teachers actually cared and treated the kiddos with such kindness. We left with a feeling of relief that we actually found a place we would be OK leaving our kiddo when the time was right. Fortunately for me, my boss let me reduce my hours for almost a year, and my grandma was able to care for Charlie while I was at work part time - which helped me transition back to work and saved us some money.

When Charlie turned one we came back to Southwest Child Care on Wyoming to tour the facility again. When we came the second time we were greeted with the same warm smiles and open arms. Mrs. Barbara picked up Charlie and gave him kisses and let him play in her room while I filled out the enrollment paperwork and got him all set up. He didn’t even notice I was gone. She showered him with love and compliments and welcomed him to her room with open arms.

I realize that not everyone is as lucky as we are to be able to find childcare with such caring and invested teachers. Mrs. Barbara loves on Charlie, like our family loves on him. She taught him to blow kisses. She hugs him and tells him she missed him when he comes back from being sick or long weekends. Mrs. Rosalva does too. I don’t get many opportunities to pick up Charlie, but on the days that I do I see her kiss his cheeks goodbye. I really believe part of the reason he transitioned so easily to daycare was because Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Rosalva nurture him, and love on him, like family does. And he is Thriving. I really love that they don’t hold back. I really think that the little ones need the the snuggles and hugs while at daycare - it makes it much easier for them to get through the day and know they are valued, especially when mom and dad aren’t around and can’t give that to them.

Charlie has learned more from Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Rosalva than he ever would have at home with me, Ethan or his great-grandma. He was maybe a little over a year old and he was eating soup, with a spoon, all by himself. Now that he is a little over a year and a half, his vocabulary is amazing. They do things with him that I wouldn’t know to even try with him. One day at a restaurant he picked up the crayons and paper and started coloring, which we thought he was too young for. Many times I take some of my parenting cues from things I see Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Rosalva do with the kids. They expect them to pick up toys they drop or throw, they ask the kids to help carry things, water plants, and feed the fish. She tells Charlie to please hand his paci to mom, when I drop him off, and he goes all day without it (which he absolutely won’t do for Ethan and I). Sometimes I think she has magic powers.

Also, one of the things I have noticed in the mornings is that this bond that Barbara creates with the toddlers is not only for the time they spend in her room. Older kids who walk by to go to the big kid rooms, still get greeted with a good morning and an “I Love You” from Barbara. Most of the kids say hello and “I Love You” back to her. You can tell they remember her, and her kindness. It is just more proof of how invested she is in the kiddos.

I could go on and on, but it really is the little things that add up to the wonderful experience we are having with Southwest Child Care. I see all the photos she takes of the kids. I see all of the projects they make and do. I see how proud my 20 month old kiddo is of the projects he makes. I see how worried she gets when Charlie has been out sick, or is a little off. She gives me tips on things that she does with him so that I can keep his learning going at home. I love how she played with him and distracted him the first few months when drop-offs were full of tears. And how she comforts the kiddos when they need it.

I can’t say enough good things about Southwest Childcare, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Rosalva. They are both absolute treasures.

Oh, and one more thing. I love that many people at your school have been there for many, many years. I have heard that some people have been there for decades. That really tells me what a great place Southwest Childcare is. The kids are happy and the staff is happy. You guys really do have a great thing going here!
— Sarah 2015

I want to send a huge thank you to SWCC for always going above and beyond to provide the best care to my two children. People always assume that daycare is a place to send your child to be watched by a babysitter while the parents/guardians are at work through the week. I want to point out that SWCC is not a babysitter, every staff member that my family and I have encountered at the Lomas location and the Wyoming location( where my children attend flex care a few times a year) promote optimal growth, education and development of the children. Each day we entrust the staff with our most precious resource our children who happen to be the future. 

Today October 30th I dropped my children off at 5:30 am so that I could work a 12 hour day in the Operating Room. When I returned at 5:30 PM to pick up my kids, teachers who were there at 5:30AM were still there to make sure that my kids had an amazing Halloween Party. They all had smiles on their faces after also working a 12 hour day because they saw the happiness on the faces of the children. 

My 2.5 year old son has not only learned how to count to 20, he can count in Spanish, say his ABC's, recite the days of the week, sing multiple songs, and comes home every single day with a smile on his face and talks about going back to see all of his teachers and friends. 

My 8 month old daughter is always happy when I pick her up and is always being loved on by multiple staff members. They sing to her, hold her when she cries and rocks her to sleep.

My son has been attending SWCC since he was 3 months old and I could not be more happy with the care that my children receive. The staff that you have hired to care for the children is absolutely amazing. Every teacher greets my husband and I with a hello and sends us out the door with a very kind goodbye. SWCC is the absolute best and the staff at the Lomas center is the most down to earth family that our children need each day when we are at work! Thank you so much for the hard work and many hours that you put in to each day. You may not be their mother or father but you care for them, watch them play, help them grow, listen to them, comfort them and nurture them each and every day they are with you! We applaud you SWCC! -Christina 2015

"I love this school!! Everyone from the director to the classroom teachers to the kitchen staff is awesome!! This place is great and the staff is caring, loving and efficient!" -Cheryl 2015

"This school is very good with children. My son started attending when he was 2 yrs old and has gone there since. He is now 4. he loves the teachers and all the staff. My son has some special health circumstances and the school works very well with us to fulfill his needs. I have dealt with another school prior and after finding Southwest Child Care, I wont need another daycare." -Rhonda 2015

"Southwest Child care is an excellent child care and learning center. My child has been attending the Wyoming center since she was 4 years old, And she is now at the before and after school care. The staff at Southwest Childcare is very professional and caring for the children that attend the center. I am very pleased with this child care center and I truly recommend it. " -Janeth 2015

"My son is 2 years old and attends the southwest child care located on 11800 Lomas Blvd NE for almost 2 years from Monday to Friday and in my experience all very friendly Ms. Ethel, Ms. jenny and Ms. Ericka, always inform me of any event or personal matter, which I am very happy with their work and they keep me informed of everything related to my son, as their classroom teachers always inform me of the development and activities that keeps my son in class. I feel very comfortable taking my son every morning to that institution and that it is safe and protected while I'm gone. 
Thanks for your services; I commend you for the great staff who works every day with you and with a very good attitude. Thank you very much." - Laura, 2014

"Our first year being at SWCC-Lomas is closely approaching. We are 150% satisfied with the care we receive. My boys ages 3 and 6 look forward to going to daycare every day and I feel confident that my children are going to be well taken care of. All staff is amazing and caring and over exceed my expectations. My boys are Mrs. Ethel's SUGARS and boy do they know that! Mrs. Jeni can put a smile on everyone's face that walks through the door...we enjoy the great environment. I want to thank all the amazing staff at SWCC-Lomas for their hard work in bringing out the best of my children you are all greatly appreciated. We couldn't have made a better choice." -Rebekah, 2014

“I researched numerous childcare centers when my daughter was born almost a year ago. Southwest stood out to me because when I took my tiny 5 week old baby there, everyone genuinely cared about her and me. Ms. Ethel was so sweet and helpful and just made us feel at home. I was a nursing mom, and the staff was understanding of my and my daughter's needs, and educated and competent in storing, warming, and feeding my daughter the frozen milk I supplied. She had a very rough transition to a bottle, but thanks to amazing Ms. Elvira's persistent attempts with one kind of bottle after another, she finally found the only one ‘lil miss picky would take!

Ms. Ethel has been so understanding and supportive of my circumstances and daycare needs over the last year. I can't ever thank her enough. Ms. Elvira works with the Baby Angels every day not simply because it is a job, but because she truly loves it and all her babies. She gives personal attention and love to each baby every day.

My baby is now rapidly approaching her first birthday and I have to thank Ms. Elvira, Ms. Norma, Ms. Verna, and Ms. Valencia among many others who are behind the scenes or whom I haven't seen for being a part of her social, personal, physical, and emotional growth and development. She is a happy healthy baby and is right on target developmentally. I couldn't have made a better choice than Southwest Child Care for her daycare! Keep up the wonderful work everyone and hugs to all!” — Sarah, 2010

“My son has been at Southwest for three years now. When I drop off my son I feel confident he is in good care. The teachers he has now, and has had before, still care for him very much. My son is now at that age where he is proud of his accomplishments and he takes me to his classroom when i go to pick him up and he shows me what he's done. I truly appreciate that many of the teachers are Spanish-speaking and I encourage them to use Spanish with my son whenever possible. I love the diversity of the faculty and the other children.” — Michelle, 2010

“My children have been attending Southwest Child Care for nearly five years. I can't believe what they were when they started to what they are now. I have considered Southwest staff as family. I can work in peace knowing that my child is eating well balanced meals, learning and having fun. My child has developed better language and is better at interacting with kids. Southwest is more than just a daycare. It's where memories begin. Thanks Southwest Child Care for everything you guys have done and for all the great work your staff does every day. I know it’s a hard job but you guys do awesome.” — Natali, 2010

“Since transferring to SWCC, she is so happy. She loves her teachers and her classmates. She is happy to go to school each day and barely says good bye to me as I drop her off. She immediately is engaged in great educational activities and has a wonderful relationship with all of the staff at the center. Also her vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds with positive words such as colors, her body parts and the word "love." I couldn't ask for a better center. Every time we enter or exit, we are greeted with warm smiles and always warm wishes on the way home. Thanks to all the wonderful staff and teachers at SWCC!!” — Molli, 2010

“We have been so happy with Southwest Child Care - the whole staff made the transition incredibly smooth for our 4-month old son. He has big smiles for everyone each morning, and loves going to school! We can tell he is so happy to be there, and we are so impressed with how much he has learned already.” — Bonnie, 2010