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April Family Newsletter

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April 2015 Family Newsletter

 April is "International Month"

April is International Month! International Month is one way we introduce children to the diverse world around them. We want our children to experience different cultures, people, clothing, homes and it is and food. Tolerance comes from an appreciation of ‘different’. We are all unique and that is what makes this the world exciting and wonderful. Help us embrace what is distinctive about our school by sharing something special and different in your family. Share a unique tradition, volunteer, make and bring in a  recipe, song, story etc.  

We invite you and your family to travel the world with us! We hope to see everyone there!     

Date & Time TBA


We are enrolling for our summer program and are filling-up quickly.  If you, or anyone you know, need care for their school-aged child for summer please enroll now.

We give a referral credit of $50.00 for anyone you refer to our school! We appreciate the  business!

Earth Day!

Please Join Us on April 22nd for Earth Day. We will be planting our garden! Please talk to your child's teacher about donations!                                          

Monthly Cultural Luncheon

 Don't forget to join us each month for Cultural Heritage Luncheon! Our SWCC Meal Program – as  “outstanding” participants in the Adult and Child Food Program for the State of New Mexico we are always looking for ways to invite our families to join us for lunch.

The whole family is invited! April 30th we will be serving a Turkish meal!


*Please do not bring your child to school with food.

Spring has Sprung!

 The weather is SLOWLY trying         to become warmer.  It is time to        check your child’s cubby for           SUNSCREEN. We cannot apply a   sunscreen to your child if you do not provide it. Each child must have their own, labeled, bottle of sunscreen.                                  

    Staying Hydrated

  You may want to provide a water bottle each day as well.  Please put your child’s name on the bottle and take it home each evening.