FlexCare™ Program : Southwest Child Care : Albuquerque, NM


Times have changed and so have we.

Effective immediately, Southwest Childcare is licensed to operate our 5-star centers for evening and overnight care all week long. It’s unique, and we think Albuquerque is going to love it. We call it FlexCare. (SM) 

Dear Southwest Child Care Friends and Families:
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January 25, 2011 — Many state-funded programs are seeing their budgets cut due to New Mexico’s fiscal deficits. Childcare is no exception. Just prior to the election, CYFD saw their childcare assistance programs cut. Subsequently many families lost much-needed aid; many care providers were laid off and across the state childcare centers are closing their doors. 

There’s good reason to be concerned about what’s unfolding. Everyone is “at risk.” Already many families have strained budgets, tireless schedules, unconventional childcare needs and are genuinely at the mercy of the times. We’ve heard from many of our parents and customers that they’re struggling to make ends meet, and that without reliable childcare they cannot work. 

Please know that we’re actively participating in the legislative process in Santa Fe, and we’re involved in many campaigns to spare families and childcare centers around the state from a seemingly inevitable outcome. But today we want to share how we’re responding to this crisis and how we intend to better serve you—the families we love and care for so deeply.

First we observed and listened. We brainstormed, woke some people up, ruffled a few feathers and allowed our accountant to run the numbers. Then we developed a plan to continue serving our families, neighborhoods and community. And keep our doors open for business! (After most other centers close for the day). 

FlexCare is available to everyone, housed at our Uptown Location. For more information, please stop by or call 293-2626 to speak with one of our managers. Join us on Facebook for updates and announcements. And help spread the word!

From everyone at Southwest Child Care, thank you. We look forward to meeting the needs of a changing world—and yours.